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Is It Taboo To Marry A Millionaire?

Posted on March 20, 2009 with No Comments

Talking about Millionaire, people always identify it to rich, luxurious, fancy car, diamond or other elegant and expensive stuffs. In this time I will point on wealthy for both women and men. Women with her pretty, usually identically with all that luxurious stuffs. Is it an importantly thing for a woman to find a rich man, what about man? Does a man need it, either?

According to psychologists’ and sociologists it’s natural that every young girl is dreaming about finding a rich prince who can pick her up on a white horse. Men on the opposite do not care much about wealth and success when they look for a partner. Men look for beauty.

There is nothing taboo about looking to marry a millionaire. If your looking for love online, why not aim for the best and see what happens. It might not be the most important thing when it comes down to love and relationships, but sharing the same lifestyle makes it so much easier long term, and you never know where you are going to meet your price, do you?

It’s natural that women prefer rich men and millionaire dating. Most women want a man she can be safe with, intelligent and someone who is successful and who can help to provide for the family. A successful man is also more admirable because what they have achieved.  No matter how much some people like to criticize people who are members of millionaire dating clubs as being shallow, it’s all come down to human nature in the end. The fight for survival or the survival of the rich? Most women envy Donald Trumps Melania and Tiger Woods Elin Nordengren. Men and women who criticize women who are looking for a successful and beautiful partner tend to be jealous or believe that they themselves do not fit the criteria. Otherwise why bother. No one would dare criticizing a guy looking for a hot girl to bring home from the club. And the affluent men tend to find very attractive women. What right do men have to criticize women? It’s not like men rule the world anymore. This world is full of successful women as well.

A tendency has shown that today’s men are also looking for wealthy couple as they can’t afford themselves as well. This phenomenon is already in common and getting more day by day as the effect of the global crisis. Life is getting worse and worse, makes people looking for easy way to have  better life.

Be true be loving - the millionaire is yours

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This saying is very true as truthfulness and love leads to a good human being. A good human being is worth a million. You can be a millionaire when you practice to be true and loving. Be true, be loving, the millionaire is yours.

Love is the principle emotion that encourages healing, prosperity and wellness. It is the life’s greatest emotion. It is the main thing that we should concentrate our efforts on because out of love, emerges a great experience in life. With love you can earn the good will of others, even from your enemies. This makes you a millionaire when the odd changes to good one.

Love cannot act independently; it needs truthfulness to work efficiently. The big key to happy life is love and truth. Without these two, that person is failure in life even if he is rich and wealthy. A man can have all the riches but if he is rude and untrue to his friends and family, he is a failure in life. Whereas a poor man can live as a millionaire when he practices love and truthfulness in life.

Showing love to others depends on how you love yourself. The way you love, honor and value yourself is what you will be perceive in the world. This is the way to a glorious life fulfillment. Every human being on this earth is initiated with lessons of love. We are born as a pure quintessence of love. We come as anyone would come into existence. We have acquired all bad habits and had completely lost love and truth in life. Our lives are centered towards earning money and amassing wealth. Learn to love, share your things, be true to others and you will be the best person on earth worth a million.

A true and loving person is very hard to find. That who does not love others or be loved by others is the poorest on the earth. Unfortunately, people of such kind are more in this world. Loving a person can actually save a person’s life. It can bring a person out from the state of depression and allows enjoying life. hence the existence of the world in deed depends on love.

When two or more people work with true and loving relationship, their bonds get stronger. You can experience fullness in life when you show love. This cleans and cures your body, mind and spirit. Be true, love in all things that you do and feel the change and fullness in life. You can change your life as well as others and become millionaires.

Our life is to be measured not by years but by the smiles. Truth and love are great values in life. Of these two, love is the greatest. Acquire all the good habits, be caring and lovable. Do not be self oriented and always place other’s happiness in the first position in heart. Practice and preach all these and become millionaires in life.

How To Marry A Millionaire!

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DatingIn human life lot of discrimination that is differences between persons to person. The difference is based on his personality, nationality, religion, color, sex, education, and job etc. the above-mentioned factors are minor factor, which does not cause any serious effect. The major factor is economic status, why economic status varied between persons to person. If any person economically strong means he can handle any kind of problem easily. If yours economic status is in good level then need not to worry about your future, because you tackle the future problem with the money. The money is different from country to country but in all the country money is number one criteria for being a millionaire. It is not the easy task, to become millionaire it is achieved only by a severe effect put that person. Millionaire is nothing but one who having lot money, the person bears property value crossed the millions. Every girl likes to marry a millionaire because once they marry a millionaire then their life become settled. She gets good status from the society and also she gets good facility while marry a millionaire. There is one frequently asked question by the girls is How To Marry A Millionaire! It is not an easy task, because lot of competition for marries a millionaire in the society. First of all you have to find a millionaire using online using any of the search engine. If you find the millionaire then ask him to give date. Dating is the new fashion in this world; it is best opportunity for the girls to impress the millionaire in any kind of way. This is one of the easiest ways to marry a millionaire. The online dating is also available in all the country; it is help the people to make understand among them. The online dating is nothing but fix a date, which is relevant to both persons and chat using the net. So this is the best chance for them to decide whether he is good person or not. The video chat is available for seeing the face directly and decides whether the person is cute or not. For more information about the online dating, many websites are available in net.