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Foreigner Dating

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I hope you like this and lucky with your love ;)

Dating Koreans


Dating a Foreigner


Elenas Models Tips for Marrying a Foreigner – Online Dating

Elenas Models Tips for Marrying a Foreigner – Online Dating


Dating Foreign Women


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Flirting With Humor

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Flirting With Humor

When you’re planning to flirt with women, it makes it a heck of a lot easier if you’re in a state where you feel good and like you’re having a fun time. Go workout or do something to relieve stress if need be.  Don’t even bother if you’re strung out or not currently happy.

Confidence and plain ole being in a good mood is a big piece when it comes to effective flirting.

Humor is the bedrock of flirting. Without injected humor your flirting attempts may come out awkward.  It’s good to learn a few funny one liners that you can adapt to many situations.


  • You: “If I pick this up, can I trust you not to stare my ass?” Then bend over and over and really stick your ass out.
  • Girl: “Want to play me in this?” You: “You couldn’t handle it”
  • You: “I normally charge people to sit this close to me”

When a conversation is going great that is the time to end it. You always want to leave a woman on a high note and end it on your terms.  You should always be the one to end the conversations.

When you end a conversation on high note you leave her wanting more.  It will also make her think about you more when you’re not together.  This is also a good way to end a conversation and get a number before heading off.


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 Flirting With Humor

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Get real date, Right now!!!

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