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How To Use Dominant Body Language

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strong body language

It’s well known that more than 80% of communication is done through non-verbal communication, otherwise known as body language.  It’s important that you learn how to use strong dominant body language to aid you in meeting and attracting high quality women.

Women know in a second whether or not a man is worth their time. Just like you, they’re looking for someone who is mentally stable, confident, and attractive.  The tone of your voice, the way you carry yourself (body language), the clothes you’re wearing all can help you make it past that snap judgment when you’re meeting a new woman for the first time.

Using dominant body language is one of the fastest ways to instantly make yourself more attractive.  Here are three easy to implement dominant body language tips to convey confidence and set yourself aside from the pack of wusses who can’t event manage to hold eye contact.

  1. Learn to hold eye contact longer before looking away with anyone else you’re speaking with.  Do not look away until she does. If you look away first it is a sign of submission.  It’s like saying with your eyes “I’m sorry, I realize I should not have been looking at you in the first place.”  If however, you hold eye contact it’s a deliberate action.  It lets her conscious or unconsciously know that you’re not afraid to purposefully engage her eyes. You’ll find the more you do this with both men and women you’re ability to connect with people in conversation will dramatically increase.
  2. Don’t walk around with your head down looking at the ground.  Unless your looking for something you lost, or hoping to find money rolling around on the ground then I can understand. Eyes forward, head up, shoulders back, chest out.
  3. Avoid making fast, twitchy, nervous gestures.  Not only does it make you look weird and nervous, it will also make those around you on edge and wonder wtf is wrong with you.  Control your nervous ticks, no leg thumping, hand tapping, drumming on the table, nail biting, ear pulling etc when you’re talking to a woman you’re interested in or on a date.  Move slow and with deliberation., but not like your stuck in molasses.  Just be calm and quell the storm inside.


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How To Use Dominant Body Language is a post from: The Geeks Guide To Dating Blog

 How To Use Dominant Body Language

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How To Tease Sexually

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How To Tease Sexually

Women love to be teased, even if they tell you otherwise or act like they don’t like it. This is they’re way of actually telling you they do in fact like it (as long as their smiling or laughing while saying this of course). Teasing is a quick and easy way to break down her natural defenses and quickly build rapport. To do this you basically make fun of her the same way you would do when you’re a little kid.  You’re not being mean, but just having fun with her.

One of the most effective ways to tease and build attraction is to alternate between hot and cold. Tell a girl you’re out with that you’re glad we’re friends, while you lead her by the hand to the next room or wrap your arms around her. Lay on the teasing, flirting, and touching for a few minutes then don’t touch her again for the next hour or two. If you’ve done this right she will be touching you long before then.

The reason this works is that when you’re doing this you are sending mixed signals. She’s not exactly sure what’s going on but finds you interesting because you’re not all over her like most guys would be if given the opportunity. The more attractive the woman, the more you need to tease her so she sees you as commanding more social value. Then she will have to validate her social value to you and will naturally find you more attractive.

Whenever you’re approaching women or prepared to meet women you have to get yourself into a teasing and playing mode. A good idea is to create 3-4 canned lines will work in most scenarios. This way you’ll always have something at the tip of your tongue so you don’t sit there with your jaw agape after saying “hi” to that hottie in the elevator.

Get some canned lines created, start testing them out and use what works and toss what doesn’t.

Teasing Delivery Tips

Make sure if it’s something that could potentially be taken seriously or perceived as insulting you are smiling, other ways it may not come out they way want it too.  If it’s something really goofy it can be a lot funnier, especially to someone who doesn’t know you from a hole in the wall if you say it with a very serious face.


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How To Tease Sexually is a post from: The Geeks Guide To Dating Blog

 How To Tease Sexually

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Christian Dating Advice For Men

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Christian Dating Balancing our beliefs and desires is an ever acting characteristic in a humans life, we strive do this all the time.


As men, we all find ourselves struggling from time to time with our urges and our faith. Here you can gain some perspective of fitting these two together.


It is natural to want to stay true to what we believe in. And for most Christian men, it is important that love occur within the boundaries of church.


Sex during marriage only is one of those boundaries.


Whether we follow it or not, there are validities of free will choices at work here and it is not for us to judge this belief.


Ancient legends tell us that when we partake of sex with one another, a part of their soul lingers with ours and we carry that piece of soul around with us for the rest of our lives.


Keeping your virginity for your wife is a wise choice since this is true in some respects.

This can present a challenge for men who strive to remain strong in their faith.


There are a few perspectives to consider when you wish to continue attracting women and then foster your relationship while awaiting the consummation of marriage.


After all – sex is important! Getting married to someone who’s sexually incompatible with you can be a very difficult union to be in.


These few outlooks are especially for men who face the challenge of mixing faith and romance.


1. Refine your beliefs


Keep in mind that things will be easier when you clarify your beliefs, since it is your faith, which guides you through your life.


God gave us free will and the ability to think and reason. It is up to us to look at all our options and decide what path to take. You may believe in some of what the Church teaches, but not all. Or, you may embrace all of the Church’s teachings.


Your choice is your own; however, you must be clear of your belief and stand strong.


2. Trust in the plan God has for you.


Keep your faith that God has a plan for you and the woman you are meant to be with when the two of you are united.


Keep in mind, you have to do your part too, since there is only so much that he can do. You have free will and must take action to capture the opportunities presented to you.


To find the right woman for you, you must be proactive.


Going out and meeting women, taking them on dates, getting to know them – this is not just stuff that happens. We have to MAKE it happen. And it is our actions which keep us on the path


God has set out for us, because our actions are based on what we believe.


3. Know that Virginity is not mystical or precious.


Many people have a notion that virginity is something to be prized, but it really isn’t. Sex is just an act. It’s just like breathing, or walking, or exercising. It is something we do.


Gods intention is for man to be fruitful and multiply, this means sex. It is one of the greatest gifts from God; his intention is for us to have sex, this is why sex is pleasurable.


Virginity maybe a sacred in some respects, however the way we think about it is confusing. Virginity is meant to be lost, the challenge however, in in finding the right person to whom with to share it.


In the end, there is a spiritual aspect to sex. It’s the aspect that you find someone who makes you feel whole, alive, and loved. This is something separate from the act of sex, because this touches you on a deeper level.


Striving to achieve this type of intimacy helps you determine if the physical aspects are in tune also.


Do not be afraid to be intimate with women! Kissing, hugging, touching – this is all fine. But sharing your hopes and dreams, staring deep into her eyes and feeling her inner-most desires… that is where true intimacy stems from.


4. Women are real and do not belong on a pedestal.


When you place too much importance on blending sex and faith, you may find yourself inflating the importance of a woman.


You might see her as a delicate flower, or a goddess, or something that needs to be cherished and treated special.


Keep in mind that in many ways men and women are alike. We all come from the same place.


You should never put a woman on a pedestal simply because you find her sexually attractive.


This is not the same as having respect for her.

It is easy to love an ideal. But it is hard to love the reality. The woman who gets awnry when she’s hungry, the woman who nags you about taking out the garbage, the woman who wakes up in the morning with bad breath – that is the reality.


We have to learn to love the reality of women, and not idealize them. Realize that sex is just one aspect to the females of our species. And that being human, we all share similar traits.


When we see girls as people, just like us, we are able to get a clearer picture of whether or not we are meant to be with them.


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